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Want to be more beautiful?  Want to save MONEY doing it?  Well then keep on readin....


ACW was founded in 2002 as a discount beauty retailer. As a discount retailer, we have and will continue to bring you both prestige and mass products at the best possible pricing.  We source our authentic product from retail shelf pull and manufacturer excess inventories.  In 2011 ACW added several AMAZING full retail lines to our discount line up.  We find this to be a convenient way to purchase the retail brands you love and grab some HOT discount deals in one convenient place!

We are a small family owned business located in The Great Northwest, USA working hard to bring you the world of beauty at the best possible prices. Aside from our passion to bring you great deals on beauty, we are a bunch of animal lovers!  It is our founders mission to make the world a kinder place for all life...including the lives of animals.  We feel that all life should be respected and that we truly can be judged by how we treat our most innocent.  It is our pleasure to share our good fortune with our local and national animal rights and protection charities. We are large contributors to the ASPCA and our local animal shelters and veterinarians. For more information on our charity donations, please contact us.

All Cosmetics Wholesale specializes in providing discount, high end cosmetics at wholesale and below wholesale pricing. As well as rare and hard to find items. The products we provide are new and guaranteed AUTHENTIC. Many of our discount items are shelf pull items therefore there may be some shop ware on the packaging. A caution to those looking for discounted "retail perfect" products, we do not guarantee any item will be "retail perfect" if it is discounted from regular retail price. I mean seiously people....if a lipstick is $10 at the store and you pay $1.99 on ACW, it might not be absolute perfection!  In addition, if a product is clearly marked with an expiration date and it is past that date, ACW will make note of that in the items description. If a product does not have an expiration date printed on it AND it is a discount item, we do not guarantee it was made less than 2 years ago. Remember we are primarily a discount site selling shelf pull and excess inventories to the general public at what can be a drastically reduced pricing. 

Some of the items we sell may be marked Tester, NFIS, Free Sample etc. These items were originally manufactured to be tester units (never actually used or tested), sold in a set or given as a gift with purchase at the retail level. Cosmetic companies liquidate the overstock of these items to the wholesale market. We purchase these items from the manufacturer, we do not get them free. We find these products to be a great way to sample an item without the cost of buying a full size product and finding out you really don't like it. Please note that not all product descriptions will note the item is a tester unit or marked NFIS, therefore not all items on ACW are suitable as gifts.

Our products change daily so please check back often for the newest selection!




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